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The establishment of the Paarden Eiland City Improvement District (PECID) was approved by the Cape Town City Council in May 2005 following an application by property owners in the area. After eight months of delays with CIPRO and SARS, the CID officially began its work in March 2006.

The history of the association of industrialists in the area goes back as far as 1947 when the Paarden Eiland Industrialists & Ratepayers Association was founded by Louis Glassman, a prominent property and business owner in the area.

In 1972 the Metro Industrial Township joined the scheme and it was renamed the Paarden Eiland & Metro Association, or PEMA as it became generally known. Working closely with the City Council, PEMA continued its work maintaining and improving the area, but, as membership was on a voluntary basis, it became increasingly evident that those who contributed by paying membership fees were carrying all those businesses who did not.

By forming a City Improvement District, where all property owners would contribute to the upkeep of the area, a group of interested property owners decided that this was in the best interests of the community. They applied to the City of Cape Town for the establishment of a City Improvement District and after 58 years of voluntary membership by the few, PEMA became PECID (Paarden Eiland City Improvement District), a Section 21 Company owned and financially supported by all property owners in Paarden Eiland.

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PECID is run by a voluntary executive committee and an employed manager.